Frostfang's Facts - An "In Construction" Blinx Fansite!

Welcome to FF!

Welcome to Frostfang's Facts!

Frostfang's Facts is a fansite dedicated to the game: Blinx the Time Sweeper. It is unfortunately, not very well known. As long as even one person plays this game and would love to see a faq/fansite. FF will be here!


No, no, no, Not Fast Forward. Frostfang's Facts! This is a  fan/faq site dedicated to the Blinx the Time Sweeper series! In my recent desperation to find the final medal in the "Steal from the Time Factory" mission as the Tom Toms. I decided to scour the Interwebs for my elusive shiny. Much disappointment was had when I discovered that fansites/faqsites for such an awesome game were a rarity. Thus, I decided to create FF! Here in FF I will be posting medal locations throughout the games, and other various secrets and shinies! 


Well? Are you stuck in a pause control? Go browse the site! Oh, and keep an eye out for turrets and falling bombs that have absolutely nothing to do with my aiming at various sitegoers for the sole purpose of my entertainment.  :F 



When it comes to those posting my faq data to their own site, I will only allow this if you give Frostfang's Facts the credit for writing said faq. Or, if you post my logo in the corner with a link to this site. I want NO Tomtoms stealing my work and claiming it as their own. Please, give credit where it is due. I didn't work on these faqs for two days straight to have them stolen. *Brandishes bomb filled sweeper for all to see*